Relics Jewellery Line

Designer Kirsty Dalton creates her pieces from various pieces of scrap metal. Each piece have been both hand painted and forged together with resin. This delicate approach, of casting small objects in resin brings deterioration of erosion to a standstill. These tactile pieces personify objects by making them ageless, depicting a sense of personal attachment to things that have been abandoned to decay. This process reflects upon life; the memories and traces of people and things in the past, the belongings and impressions that they leave behind.  I wanted to capture an essence of the people around me by using materials that they have used and discarded. By transforming this range of materials, I address the topic of waste whilst giving the objects and materials the opportunity to be seen with a sense reflection and respect.

Conceptually, the project stemmed from my Dalton’s interest in found objects and how they can effect and define certain aspects of our lives. I believe the process of decay and waste encapsulates a great deal about society and our transformative role within it. Within the waste there is the potential of bringing a new, contemporary objective. Objects depict the conditions of the past whilst evoking an emotive response in the present, often leading to more questions than answers.

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